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The lower the cost of the cabinets, the higher the skill level required to get a good installation. Since 2013, we've had multiple teams doing nothing but IKEA cabinet installations. It is not really a DIY product. Just because someone has assembled a lot of IKEA furniture, it does not mean they can handle a kitchen installation. It can be very challenging. We love the IKEA product and have the experience to install it right.

Full service IKEA Cabinet Installation and remodeling

IKEA Kitchen Cabinet Installation Services

Kitchen Planing

Purchasing Services - No waiting at IKEA
Delivery of Cabinets Fast counter installation - one week 
Full inventory of Cabinets upon arrival
No return trips to the store by you. 

General Contracting Services

Trash Haul Away
Structural changes - Open up/Remove walls





Back splash
Appliance installation


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