About what we do

We will help you to make your dream kitchen or bathroom a reality.

We are very good at what we do. We have highly experienced  planners that will meet with you and help to plan the kitchen or bath of your dreams - using 3D software to help you visualize the end result. Our team is always a phone call away - ready to answer your questions and ensuring your project remains on target. 

Our technical teams are incredibly good at what they do. Watch our testimonial videos to get a sense of how much customers adore them and appreciate their technical skills.

We are passionate about providing lasting value and comfort in your home.

About the Founder

While working at IBM as an engineer for 21 years, Porter Baker  first became interested in construction when he decided to build his own house from the ground up in the late 70's.  He did lots of research, used ground-breaking solar heating technology and design, and learned through hands-on experience what works and what doesn't.  

When IBM offered early retirement in the early 80's, Porter took the opportunity to move into the remodeling business.  For many years Porter did most of the work himself, honing his skills in electrical, plumbing, framing, planning and every phase of a remodel.  With well over 1,000 projects behind him, Porter is familiar with every technical challenge you can imagine. 

Additionally, for five years, Porter specialized in IKEA cabinet installation and kitchen remodeling through a relationship with a company named Traemand (meaning woodman or carpenter in Danish).  

In March 2020, Porter split withhis previous business partner and and started a new company called Delightful Kitchen Remodeling.  Although Porter seldom does the hands-on work himself these days, he has worked to develop a long-term relationship with two teams of highly skilled subcontractors.  When you choose us for your remodel, one of those teams will be assigned to your project from beginning to end, with full responsibility for your project.  And Porter oversees the project, coming by to look with his own eyes almost every day, to see that things are done right and kept on schedule.

Porter has a long history of success and passion for customer service that is not often found in the industry. He and his team are here to delight you too!