Delightful Kitchen & Bath Remodeling


About what we do

We will help you to make your dream kitchen or bathroom a reality.

We are very good at what we do. We have highly experienced kitchen planners that will meet with you and help to plan the kitchen of your dreams - using 3D software to help you visualize the end result. Our executive team is always a phone call away - ready to answer your questions and ensuring your project remains on target. 

Our technical teams are incredibly good at what they do. Watch our testimonial videos to get a sense of how much customers adore them and appreciate their technical skills.

We are passionate about providing value and the kitchen of your dreams.

About the Founders

Porter Baker (left) and Daniel Bezden (right) formed Probuild Creations LLC in August 2013 to specialize in helping IKEA customers with kitchen remodeling (through a relationship with a company named Traemand - meaning woodman / carpenter in Danish). The Delightful Kitchen Remodeling brand was established to broaden the product offerings to include other American products and custom cabinets.  

Porter is an engineer who worked at IBM for 21 years, before building his own house and thereafter entering the remodeling business. With well over 1,000 projects behind him, Porter is familiar with every technical challenge you can imagine. He is the lead technical consultant for the company and represents the Old World Integrity part of the business.

Daniel moved to Texas from South Africa in 2001. He has a diploma in Hotel Management and has owned and run various successful businesses both in the publishing and food industry. He is passionate about using modern management technology in the remodeling industry and represents the New World Technology part of Probuild Creations.

The company is very succesful in attracting very talented executive and technical staff and the founders are passionate about providing customers with a smooth and comfortable experience during their remodeling projects.