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How to prepare for a remodel.


Getting ready for a remodel can bring on similar stress to moving. But it doesn't have to be that way.  Continue reading...

How to modernize your kitchen.


Here are nine tips for creating a new look and improve the functionality of your kitchen. Continue reading...

Kitchen remodeling trends.


Are you thinking about doing a kitchen remodel and want to make sure your design meets the latest trends?   Continue reading...

How much will it cost?


From our friends at Houzz, this article is very usefull in understanding more about controlling your costs. (Click image above to read story)

Costs in your zipcode.


Houzz provides some very interesting data about remodeling costs in your area.

 (Click image above to read story)

How long does it take?


Our projects typically take 4-6 weeks. That's amazing if you compare it to these stats from Houzz. (Click image above to read story)