How to prepare for a kitchen remodel


Getting ready for a remodel can bring on similar stress to moving. But it doesn't have to be that way. Taking just a few steps to prep for your kitchen remodel will save you from later potential trouble. 

After you've identified your kitchen remodel design and found professional contractors, you'll need the following items for storing kitchen items:

  • Boxes
  • Paper for breakables
  • Packing tape
  • Storage bags
  • Marker

Clear out your kitchen cabinets and store away anything you don't need during the remodel. Label each box or storage container. Wrap the more sensitive kitchenware like glasses in newspaper or bubble wrap. Place a clear fragile label on the container, so they don't end up at the bottom of a box stack. 

This is also a great time to give away stuff you do not intend to use again. Estimate the total value in advance so you can have the right amount as a write off for your next tax year. 

Your Temporary Kitchen

Plan on eating at home during any point of the remodel? You'll need to keep handy a few food storage containers, utensils, dishes, cups, pots, and pans along with anything else you use every day like the coffee machine. The non-perishable food you'll use should be stored away from the renovation, but in smaller boxes, so you can grab anything easily. 

During the remodel you will have no access to your kitchen sink so expect to either wash dishes in another room or use disposable plates. That said, we do offer a temportary countertop and sink installation service. It can take up to four weeks for countertops to be manufactured. For busy families, this is a great service and well worth the fee. 

Kitchen Decorations

Clean any current kitchen decorations (Blinds, cookie jars, wall hangings, etc.) and store them together if they go well aesthetically after the renovation.  

Managing Dust & Dirt

In addition to covering your floors and furniture, use plastic sheeting and tape on doorways into other rooms. Some remodeling contractors will complete these steps for you. You can also request they broom sweep the grounds at the end of the day to minimize debris.  

Keeping Pets Out of the Kitchen

If you own a dog or cat, you may want to  keep them out of the kitchen while it's under renovation. You can either buy an indoor pet gate or keep them in a closed room during the remodel.  

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