Kitchen Remodeling Trends


LED Recessed & Under Cabinet Lighting

At night the lighting can create a beautiful, dramatic effect with your choice on the tile backsplash. Especially with electronic dimmers and the adjustable light intensity. 

The good thing about LEDs is you only need to replace them once a decade and require less electrical output. Thus saving energy and utility bill costs. And as you age and eyesight declines you have an accessible source of localized light when you're around the kitchen. 

Lighter Cabinets

 With homeowners looking for more opportunities to create natural light inside their homes, many are turning to lighter colored cabinets. Particularly tone wise you'll see white, off-white, or a light grey and other non-dark colors that absorb less light in many modern kitchen remodels.    

Different colors top to bottom

Another popular trend is using different color cabinets between base cabinets and upper cabinets. Islands are also a good target for using an alternative color.

Stone Composite Counters with Quartz

Homeowners are also going lighter on the countertop color during renovations. And often you'll see whites, white with greys/browns, greys with the counters. 

Material wise, stone composite is an extremely hard surface which makes it difficult to damage or cut. Composite also does not absorb stains or liquids giving homeowners greater long-term value due to less wear and tear.   

Pre-finished Cabinets

During a home remodel many residents don't want the intrusion of smelly paint, stain, or varnishes. Pre-finished cabinets come with those already completed for a much faster installation compared to custom cabinets where delays occur with ordering them and waiting for finishes to dry. 

Brand-wise, many kitchen remodels have IKEA cabinets due to the 25-year warranty and ability to add matching components easily later on.    

Contrasting Backsplash Tile


Remodels are chasing the elusive pop in their color, style, and pattern choices on the backsplash. With the cleaner color choices in cabinets and countertops, homeowners are getting adventures with the tilework. 

From Moroccan inspired designs to glossy finishes, the backsplash is where modern homes show a little extra flair. 


Many backsplashes are also stretching up to the ceilings reflecting more light into the kitchen with mirrored or metallic finishes.